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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank You, Anarchists

The Nation | Nathan Schneider | December 19, 2011
The anarchists’ way of operating was changing our very idea of what politics could be in the first place. This was exhilarating. Some occupiers told me they wanted to take it home with them, to organize assemblies in their own communities. It’s no accident, therefore, that when occupations spread around the country, the horizontal assemblies spread too.

At its core, anarchism isn’t simply a negative political philosophy, or an excuse for window-breaking, as most people tend to assume it is. Even while calling for an end to the rule of coercive states backed by military bases, prison industries and subjugation, anarchists and other autonomists try to build a culture in which people can take care of themselves and each other through healthy, sustainable communities. Many are resolutely nonviolent. Drawing on modes of organizing as radical as they are ancient, they insist on using forms of participatory direct democracy that naturally resist corruption by money, status and privilege. Everyone’s basic needs should take precedence over anyone’s greed.

Through the Occupy movement, these assemblies have helped open tremendous space in American political discourse. They’ve started new conversations about what people really want for their communities, conversations that amazingly still haven’t been hijacked, as they might otherwise might be, by charismatic celebrities or special interests. But these assemblies also pose a problem.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Netanyahu decided to close Channel 10. So they showed the Israeli public how IDF kills Palestinian protesters

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Monumental Failure

North East Anarchists report:

Saturday 29th Oct was not a particularly good day for the Left, or for the unions or for anti-fascists. It certainly wasn't a good day for the Newcastle Occupation, as the consequences of the collective failure of all the above-named were visited on them in the form of a horde of brick-throwing nazis.

Saturday was meant to have been Rise Against Islamophobia - "Newcastle's Multi-Cultural Celebration". It was organised - if that's the word we're really looking for - by Unison, Public Service Alliance, Coalition of Resistance, Stop The War, and several other smaller lobby groups. Actually, we can probably narrow that list down further, because Unison dominates the PSA and both CoR and STW are fronts for a Trotskyist group called Counterfire - one of the more recent divorces from the SWP.

It had been known for more than a month - we heard as far back as Sept 26th - that the EDL were planning a counter-demonstration. Counterfire were acknowledging this from at least as far back as Oct 17th and were calling for support from anti-fascists.

The precise reasons for the event being cancelled with scarcely 24 hours notice remain unclear. We initially heard Unison had pulled the plug because they couldn't get public liability insurance. We then heard from sources in Counterfire that Unison cancelled because they had been unable to get any union volunteers to act as stewards. We have since heard claims from a Unison shop steward that no call-out asking for volunteers was even made. The phrase "couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery" springs to mind.

And what about the anti-fascists?

With the event cancelled and a national EDL mobilisation in Birmingham the same day, it would seem most people figured nothing would happen at Monument and so few people bothered to turn up on the off-chance.

There are, besides, two underlying weaknesses in the anti-fascist movement. One is the division between the fluffy liberal campaign groups and the more militant anti-fascists. Too often we still hear it said that direct confrontation with fascists makes us no better than them - just another bunch of violent thugs and hooligans. The same nonsense AFA had to deal with 20 years ago. Obviously, not everyone is cut out for street-fighting, but surely it's not too much to ask to expect moral support? In the face of this, there is no co-ordination between the two wings of the anti-fascist movement. Whatever organisations for physical anti-fascism still exist (and it's debatable that any do still exist), they were allowed no role in planning the event. Not when there's respectable Labour councillors and trade unions involved.

The other weakness stems from the hopeless sectarianism of the Left. Of all the organisations supporting the event, it is notable that Unite Against Fascism wasn't one of them. This isn't because they consider Islamophobia beyond their interest and remit - in fact, UAF held a national convention on the subject in London just a few weeks ago on Oct 15th. So why did they not support it? Look no further than the party behind UAF: the SWP, and their split with Counterfire - and of course, the aggro between Unison and Yunus Bakhsh over his tribunal. He just happens to be the SWP Regional Organiser. There's no way in hell these people are going to work together, so whatever numbers they might have mobilised (something between of 6-800 last time the EDL came to Newcastle), they were nowhere to be seen this time. Sadly, the political rivalries that exist nationwide on the Left have tended to become rancid and personal in the North-East. Too many people just can't work with anyone, and quite often, the worst offenders have key roles in different groups and committees.

The result of this farce was that some 60 fascists, from the EDL, SDL and NF were able to take over the Monument almost unopposed (it must be said that FRFI were there as they happen to hold regular stalls there). Even when word started to circulate that the fascists were gathered in the middle of Newcastle, there was still only a tiny mobilisation. The necessary networks and contingencies just don't exist. Then, having spent the interim drinking in city centre pubs, around 20 of the fascists returned to Monument at 3 o'clock in the morning and attacked the Occupation tents with bricks and boots. One of the Occupiers was taken to hospital with a suspected broken rib. It's fortunate there weren't more serious injuries.

It is quite clear that after 15 years of comparative quiet on the streets, the far-right is starting to flex it's muscles again. Anti-fascists need to get organised and get ready to fight back.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Countering Conspiracy Theory Nonsense and Racism In The Occupy Movement

From speaking to activists over the past few days, it is interesting, and slightly concerning, to note some news emerging from the Occupy movement.

Spreading from Occupy Wall Street, a series of similar occupations have occurred internationally. In the UK this has included an attempt to occupy the London Stock Exchange, and events in regional cities like Norwich and Birmingham. Opposition to the disastrous decision to bail out banks on the verge of financial collapse has now found a degree of articulation.

There are of course issues and debates around this. Speaking to Anarchists like Ian Bone at the Anarchist Bookfair yesterday, there were concerns that the importance of the Occupy movement was being greatly overstated, usually by sympathetic activists who want it to be so many things. It's particular form has also been criticised, whilst the vagueness of its anti-capitalist message has been condemned by libertarians, who draw a distinction between what they see as capitalism and corporatism/crony capitalism.

A more serious debate is now on-going about how to deal with the presence of conspiracy theorists at occupy events. The financial crisis is naturally something easily explained by the likes of David Icke, who has been vociferous in his condemnation of what he sees as Rothschild-Zionism. To Icke, no discussion of 9/11, or the financial crisis, can be made without reference to this conspiracy. Such nonsense makes all protestors easy targets for media exposes, hit-pieces on their 'racism' or their portrayal as addled thinkers. The serious questions raised about government economic policy, capitalism, our financial system and government relations with it, are in danger of being ignored in place of arguments about anti-Semitism or the sheer oddness of certain protestors.

There is only two responses to this. I discount ignoring them, because they will not go away, and numerically will form a significant number of the protestors in many cities. For such thinkers, the financial system is one of the issues - they certainly will not abandon it. Icke has been calling on the human race to get off its knees for so long, when they actually see it happening, their movement is energised

One response is to allow the Icke types to dominate. To walk away and do something else instead. The second response, which I know many are now turning to, is to try and counter them. This is difficult, not because their arguments are so strong - they are not - but because arguing with people full of Zeitgeist or Icke thought is not an easy process. They have been exposed to an absolute truth. Those who do not follow it cannot be allowed to simply disagree with them, but become part of the problem as soon as they disagree.

It is neccesary to attack Icke's anti-Semitism, his ludicrous reptilian fantasies and to ask what Icke has proved in twenty plus years of 'exposing' the system. Other than improving his bank balance - the answer is nothing. Events like the banking crisis and 9/11 are actually very simple. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for attacking New York, and the evidence for US or Israeli participation is nil. The banking crisis occurred because the banks gambled lots of money, and governments who had long dropped any pretence of regulation, bailed out their mates with our cash.

Keep it simple. Because it is simple.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Riot Laugh!

By ‘Malatesta’

For Sale: Flat screen TV. Slight fire damage. Offers?
Crivvens! Britain burns, Dave dithers and Boris bumbles through but luckily the English Defence League are on hand to help! Phew! It’s not really been going too well for the EDL over the last few weeks what with the media fingering them over connections to Norwegian killer Anders Breivik, the continuing fallouts with the Jewish division, the appalling attack on a takeaway joint by Plymouth EDL and the subsequent sacking of Hayley Wells as regional organ grinder which incurred the wrath of the action monkeys of the ‘Combined Ex-Forces’ – regimental motto ‘Don’t panic! Don’t panic!’ And to top it off, after various factions have been sticking their nebs in where they simply weren’t wanted round ‘riot torn’ Britain they ended the week with a pisspoor demo in Wellington.

Poor Do!
Considering that there has been a bit of a hoo-ha recently on Albion’s fair streets, plod thought it wise to ban the EDL’s Wellington march but could not refuse a static demo. Locals were grateful as the EDL bought a bunch of outsiders into town, the Telford/ Luton match was rescheduled and shops had to fork out to some dodgy company to get boarded up. In case you don’t know, a static demo is when the EDL arrive in a town where they are not wanted armed with carrier bags of Stella to stand in a carpark with no toilets for an hour or two. After shouting a bit and getting out of hand, which the stewards always fail to deal with, plod then escorts them back to their coaches and they are told to go away. This is how ‘Islamic extremism’ has been successfully defeated by the EDL. Not really.

At Wellington a diminished EDL stood cluelessly about getting more and more irate then, after chucking bottles at plod, some clever fellow attempted to get in the dog van! Why? As Rochdale proved plod dogs love the taste of EDLers – apparently they’re like kebabs! As usual, the EDL couldn’t help themselves and after a wee bit of argy bargy there were 5 nickings, the silly Billies! As usual the stewards lost control and one female steward ‘scratched the life out of’ another member. As usual, it also kicked off a bit on the train station when plod dished up Section 60s which mean ‘bugger off now, we’ve had enough!’ and there may also have been arrests at Birmingham train station when the Stella and Charlie relationship (the EDL’s royal couple) fully blossomed. Jeff ‘Stabber’ Marsh is currently seething and posting frenzied rebuttals to the scant press reports of the day on his website.

Help Ma Boab!
It’s been a bit of week for ‘Cocaine’ Kev Carol, de facto EDL leader now that Tommy has to be in bed by 7. ‘Sir’ Tommy Robinson is currently under bail restrictions so cannot attend demos – though this did not stop him from appearing on Newsnight for some reason – and Cocaine Kev is now calling the shots. He turned up at the London trial of 3 brave EDL warriors who had been arrested for attacking ‘Muslamics’ at Speakers Corner. So much for defending free speech then lads? 1 EDL had also grabbed a policeman’s genitals! Really! There are better ways of asking for dates you know! At Wellington the cocaine cowboy praised the father of one of the 3 guys who had been killed last week for being a ‘good Muslim’ and held a minute’s silence. Apparently South Yorkshire also tried to organise a flash demo yesterday in solidarity as but they didn’t get up in time. Shame.

A Bunch of Posses!
The EDL have also been making a perfect nuisance of themselves following last week’s interruptions to the weekly shop. In Eltham a bunch of ‘middle aged men’ – who surely should know better – ended up chanting EDL slogans and fighting with plod. Locals claimed that these characters were outsiders and were not welcome especially after they attacked a bus with some black lads on it and members of the EDL Facebook pages were calling for some ‘nig bashing.’

How 70s! The EDL have claimed that these chaps weren’t members but seeing as how there is no formal membership scheme anyone who says they are EDL is therefore EDL no matter how many times Kev and Tommy deny it. David Cameron condemned the EDL this week by calling them ‘sick’ and the EDL have finally got round to issuing a statement on it. It makes for dull reading.

In Enfield, an EDL vigilante posse turned up to be roundly condemned by plod for drinking too much and getting in the way of things. Manchester EDL made a half-arsed attempt to do something but then didn’t. The EDL also claimed to have swept the streets of Cambridge clear of Brigands and then indulged in their favourite pastime of intimidating takeaway joints (like in Plymouth and Leicester).

Following the attack on the Plymouth takeaway 2 weeks back, Hayley Wells was removed as regional organiser for her part in the incident. The EDL leadership of course denied they had anything to do with it but seeing at it was caused by the Plymouth EDL after a Plymouth EDL meet and greet then it was Plymouth EDL wot done it!

Hayley got a bit of a Facebook bollocking of Ma Wells for drinking and fighting instead of looking after her children. Hayley’s fiancé is Michael Rafferty, ‘commander’ of the Combined ex-Forces group (they love their little titles don’t they?) and he waltzed off in a tizz after Tommy slagged them all off and they are no longer friends. Hayley ran the EDL Extra on Facebook and she is currently having a pram war with Hel Gower (Tommy’s PA & known fascist) and the toys are flying about!

The Combined exForces also features our old mate Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the English Nationalists Association –hello Chubs, how’s the diet? - and they are threatening to march on Downing Street on September 3rd. I may be wrong but the only ‘forces’ Bunter Baker has experienced is when he forces another pasty into his toothless maw. The 3rd is also the date of the Tower Hamlets do which Tommy has promised is going to be a ‘bloodbath.’ Yes, but for who?

The EDL have been invited to a Peterborough mosque to discuss issues but we will not be holding our breath. The EDL will not publicly debate with muslims for 3 reasons: that many of the EDL’s arguments are flawed and do not stand up to scrutiny; that the leadership have no one left who is articulate enough to debate in public; and they are unable to distinguish between moderate Muslims and the tiny percentage of Islamic extremists in the UK - as demonstrated by them singing ‘Mohammed /Allah is a pedo’ and assuming ‘moderate Muslims’ will not mind. So all in all a pretty terrible couple of weeks for the EDL: Norway, the Jewish division problems, numerous fallouts, being slagged in Parliament by Mr Dave and ever diminishing demos. Shame.

See you on the 3rd!

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

EDL member complains that mosques are out of keeping with local architecture.

EDL's 'Max' complained:
12.12.2009 00:57

speaking on the switzerland mosques.....

theire architecture isn't really inkeeping with the surrounding area. I doubt they would have got planning permission anyway (and they shouldn't of - why should a mosque be allowed to be built, yet other buildings can't?)"

Local Mosque

"How exactly is this mosque not in keeping with the local architecture?

Unless you mean the bricked up window due to violent racist attacks. But thats because of racist thugs - who do not fit in with the character of the community - being allowed into the area by liberals

Luther Blisset"

Monday, June 28, 2010

Books: Contemporary Anarchist Studies

"Contemporary Anarchist Studies comes at precisely the right moment in history. From anarchist theory and pedagogy in the academy, to the practices of anarchists in the streets, this book collects the insights of many of the most well known names in the field, and provides both a cogent analysis of our present as well as a hopeful direction for our future."

-- Dr. Corey Lewis, Humboldt State University

Preview at Google Books -- Contemporary Anarchist Studies, published by Routledge, 2009.
This volume of collected essays by some of the most prominent academics studying anarchism bridges the gap between anarchist activism on the streets and anarchist theory in the academy. Focusing on anarchist theory, pedagogy, methodologies, praxis, and the future, this edition will strike a chord for anyone interested in radical social change.

This interdisciplinary work highlights connections between anarchism and other perspectives such as feminism, queer theory, critical race theory, disability studies, post-modernism and post-structuralism, animal liberation, and environmental justice. Featuring original articles, this volume brings together a wide variety of anarchist voices whilst stressing anarchism's tradition of dissent. This book is a must buy for the critical teacher, student, and activist interested in the state of the art of anarchism studies.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

EDL at Wythenshawe Forum

Bakunin said:"would be even funnier if someone added the Benny Hill music"

So here's our DIY version:
Mute the EDL video (top) by clicking the 'volume'.
Click play on both videos, then click'full screen' on the EDL video...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whitechapel United Against Division: Reflections on the Anti-EDL Mobilisations on Sunday.

Anarchists Versus EDL/UAF
June 21, 2010

A controversial few weeks on the streets of Whitechapel culminated on Sunday with a complete no-show by the EDL (not surprising given that their “leadership” had spent the last week urging their members not to attend Sunday after the cancellation of the UK-IC conference at the Troxy). However, there was a strong turn out from local people prepared to defend their community from an opportunistic attack by the EDL, whose central London movements had been monitored by WAG spotters.

The presence, on Tuesday, of up to a dozen EDL members in Whitechapel had lent credence to the hysterical claims of the UAF that thousands of EDL supporters would run rampant through Whitechapel on Sunday. Upon reflection WAG believes the UAF, who had spent the previous few weeks scaremongering, behaved irresponsibly in what turned out to be nothing more than a sensational recruitment drive. Despite organizing a 5000-strong march, they obviously felt no sense of responsibility towards local people once they had realized few were willing to be recruited– fleeing Whitechapel for the provinces after giving their speeches and selling their papers. A few hours after the march ended they were nowhere to be seen, leaving the police and locals in a tense stand-off.

WAG’s position is not one of complacency with regards the EDL but one of realism. The 20-or-so EDL trailing from Edgware down to Whitehall, where they all got themselves nicked, represented little physical threat to the local community – who had assembled en masse. At this point, WAG members were more concerned for the safety of those protestors left behind on the streets outside and around the Mosque. Thankfully, the initially heavy handed and provocative policing gave way to a more hands-off approach as the police realized people were in no mood to be pushed around. There was, however, some arrests and reports of injuries sustained by youths from police truncheons.

WAG members were at all times present on the streets in and around the Mosque (the central focus of people’s attention), talking to people in the crowd and distributing flyers containing basic legal information to those who wanted it and ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors against provocation.

One note of concern was that rising tension had seen misdirected anger focused on an unfortunate van driver and a lone “skinhead” who was rescued from an angry crowd by marshalls from the Mosque. It is unclear what exactly the spark for these incidents was but the EDL might like to reflect on such events before deciding on future provocations in the area. Despite these isolated events WAG encountered no hostility, chatting freely with youth from both Tower Hamlets and Newham. It is important to note that despite EDL claims on internet forums Whitechapel was NOT a “no-go area” for white people on Sunday.

With the coming of darkness most people began to head homewards and we hope the nascent friendships formed on day will blossom into productive working relationships in future.

Tower Hamlets, as an economically deprived borough, will suffer more than most in the coming round of cuts promised by the coalition government of Eton-bred elitists. Intolerance and bigotry do not spring up out of nowhere and in a harsh economic climate we need to be on guard against Fascism in whatever form it occurs. The wellspring of unity lies in the common ground that we share and the action we are prepared to take in the fight for a better future for all; regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion. Solidarity is our weapon and our message is clear: CLASS WAR NOT RACE WAR!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whitechapel Anarchist Group on the English Defence League (EDL), the UAF and Islamist bigots

The UNITED AGAINST FASCISM (UAF) political machinery will storm ahead this Sunday 20th June marching against… erm… well no one…

From the outset the UAF stitched up the Tower Hamlets mobilisation, a great write up from the AWL gives you a taster of exactly how, and they themselves can be accused of stirring up fear and hysteria within the local community. The morally bankrupt Left would sooner jump into bed with dodgy elements like the IFE (Islamic Forum of Europe) denying that the speakers at the Troxy were in anyway divisive, and in fact shouting down anyone who raised this issue as islamaphobic, thus stifling progressive elements within the Muslim communities of east London.

Local pressure to get the conference cancelled and highlighting Council corruption forced Tower Hamlets to pull the plug on the event, while the English Defence League (EDL) claimed this as a victory and pulled out of their demonstration, the true victory comes down to all those concerned locals and activists who got the conference cancelled keeping away both the unwelcomed speakers and the EDL. Yet the UAF are still advertising the fact that blood drinking, baby eating fascists are coming and will be stopped with a “peaceful” march under the rhetoric of “The Battle Of Cable Street”. One big pose basically!

And after the 20th this will continue into Wembley on the 26th June with the UAF mobilising – or should that be parachuting students – against the EDL who themselves are protesting against a “Peace” Conference which includes such delightful speakers as Zakir Naik – a deeply reactionary preacher who has fatwa’s placed against him by other Muslims!

Once again the UAF will remain silent about the conference speakers, taking no position at all, and more concerned with their national organisation and recruiting for the Party (SWP) with the EDL as a figure of opposition.

All of these three groups – Bigoted Islamist Speakers, Flag Waving EDL, Double thinkers of the UAF – are all as divisive as each other!

And [they] will no doubt continue chasing each other around the country with no concern for the communities they whip up a frenzy amongst. For us as a group – made up predominantly of working class East End locals – we will continue with the “dog shit politics” of working within and organising amongst our own communities as the onslaught of the Con-Dem government cuts looms over our heads.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A very un-English Defence League

17/06/2010 - by Luther Blissett

There's nothing English about the English Defence League, apart from the poor saps who are manipulated into supporting this American-based lobby group.

The extreme right-wing Islamophobic and violent street army, the English Defence League, is led and fed ideologically by America's far-right network of Islamophobic bloggers, charity-exempt political NGOs and think-tanks.

Photo credit Pixel-eight, (L) EDL member in sheep-mask (R) EDL
member 'Skeletor', armed with dual-purpose flagpole.

Frank Gaffney, who founded the Center for Security Policy, is using his propaganda network, designed to further the old American administration associated far-right think tank policy units.

The Center for Vigilant Freedom, a project of the Center for Security Policy, has been rebranded as the International Civil Liberties Alliance and its network of forums, news aggregates, bloggers and internet propagandists have become the ideological driving force behind the far-right physical-presence street-force. Two EDL delegates recently attended the ICLA's Counter Jihad Europa conference, which has beeen held annually since 2007. The Counter Jihad Europa project was set up as "clearinghouse for national initiatives to oppose the Islamisation of Europe."

The English Defence League provides a forum for promoting an extreme literal reading of Islam, which is presented as though it were believed by 'all Muslims'. News reports of criminal acts committed by any Muslim from any part of the world are used to demonise Islam, before directing the ensuing disgust and outrage and fear that binds the English Defence League members together to violent confrontations and intimidations of Britain's Muslim communities and more recently, Trades' Unions, the British Left and assorted social campaigns and movements.

ICLA affiliate, the ochlocrat Alan Lake has openly threatened the lives of the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, and any British person who refuses to stand with them against all Muslims. Make no mistake, their network of propagandists is very active across the British internet, using the malicious lies propgated by the ICLA network, to undermine the safety and security of all British people.

The English Defence League is a American-led, business-driven vigilante group, focused on defending the freedoms interests of the now ousted neoconservative administration and its business associates, pressurising the new coalition British Government and its armed forces by amassing a vigilante street-army whose violent demonstrations have injured both the public and several individuals serving with police force and the armed forces.

The total cost to Britain's city-centre businesses in lost trade is not yet known, whilst the cost to the British taxpayer of £2 million to cover demo policing for the English Defence League has caused resentment among many, at a time when local councils are facing severe cuts to their public services.

Britain's support for the Iraq war was based on fabricated evidence for weapons of mass destruction, supported by opinion journalism circulated by this network of right-wing bloggers and propagandists. English Defence League are obtaining most of their 'evidence' and opinions from this internationally-placed network of mainly un-English propagandists, who use the internet to propogate fear and spread disinformation.

On the domestic front, this group of propagandists are seeking to wrongfully label anyone in Britain who follows the religion of Islam as 'extremists', and manipulate, bully, threaten and force the people of Britain and their government with the proto-fascist street-force, 'English Defence League'.

No-one in Britain is safe from their malicious rumour-mongering. If you stand against them, their activists begin smear-campaigns, often puerile in nature, but well-targetted nonetheless and reminiscent of the tactics of R*dw*tch.

Most recently, English Defence League attempted to draw support from Britain's Jews by creating what has been referred to as a 'semi-fictitious' Jewish division. Jewish leaders in Britain have consistently rejected calls by two CVF/ICLA-associated groups operating in Britain -- SIOE and EDL -- as racist and Islamophobic.

Britain's Jewish community likened the malicious lies of the EDL and SIOE about British Muslims to those spread by Hitler about Jews. This CVF/ICLA- alliance, using the EDL divisions on facebook and also their forum, then began threatening Britain's Jews, using characteristic ad-hominems and veiled threats, calling them Kapos and dhimmis, and falsely claiming that 'hundreds of British Jews' had joined. These claims regarding the depth of British Jewish support are false.

Henrik Clausen, europenews.dkA detailed analysis of their facebook group membership showed Jewish support (no greater than 30%) came from outside of Britain, mainly from American, Canadian and French Kahanist-linked and Likud-Herut activists, whilst the bulk of supporters (70%) came from EDL rank-and-file.

Among those included as movers and shakers in the CVF propaganda network (CVF, ICLA, SIOE & SIOA) are Aeneas Lavinium (CVF/ICLA, EDL), Alan Lake, Gaia, Henrick Clausen of news aggregate, UKIP's Magnus Nielsen, and the usual pseudonym'd suspects from the international 4 Freedoms and ICLA (was CVF). (remove %20 from some links), who all hope to ride the wave of ochlocratic populism that is the EDL.

As with their previous efforts to lobby pressure on the Labour government, this American advocacy group have several other aims, besides their attempts to astroturf division on the streets of Britain's communities:

- spread malicious lies that British Muslims are capable of betraying their own country, Britain, and are a fifth column;
- pressurise British Jews into supporting their racist and Islamophobic demonstrations;
- astroturf support from a cross-section of British society (united through fear of Islam) to reject human rights act;
- force Britain's withdrawal from the European Union; ensure Turkey does not enter the EU;
- garner support for proposed attacks on Iran;
- increase support for a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine; decrease support for a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine;

The English Defence League has become a vigilante street-army, led and fed ideologically by US-think tank and business-interests with many of their website press releases written by CVF/ICLA associates and possibly some of their speeches too.

More on the courting of Europe's far right from Toby Archer: The impact of the war on terror and the counter-jihad blogosphere on the European Far-right.

Dudley 17th July 2010 Speech written by Kinana for Tommy Robinson, but read by Alan Lake:

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson unmasked

Exposed! Tommy Robinson EDL

Tommy Robinson unmasked

"Leader" of the English Defence League and muppet puppet of ICLA exposed, most likely by Malta-based loony ex-leader puppet Paul Andrews Cinato Ray, aka Lionheart (below).

Update: EDLs Tommy Robinson - Real name revealed.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We opposed EDL in Newcastle. We held the Toon

Published: Sunday 30 May 2010 16:17 by Gerrybeee | Share

Tagged as: social_struggles

Report of anti-racist activity in response to EDL march in Newcastle 29th May 2010, from North East Against Racism.

We showed them racism would not go unchallenged! EDL confined to Bigg Market. Anti-racists the dominant presence in toon.

Thanks to everyone who took part today - on all the anti-racist events. As far as we know nobody of ours got arrested. There was no police brutality as there had been on other EDL protests. The EDL were confined to the Bigg Market, did not have a free run through town. Lots of passers-by were asking what was going on and were informed by leaflet. We had lots of people signing petitions against racism. All in all, a qualified success. So thanks all. The work goes on. We'll be meeting to de-brief (No that's not something dirty) on Weds. S+S

Actually, I think it was the best possible outcome. We estimate about 700 EDL (c350 in coaches from outside and about the same, though harder to estimate, local). NEAR (North East Against Racism) had a stall in the centre of town, the Monument, alongside the TUC event. We had about a hundred people signing petitions and allocated to a steward. Lots more came because of our leaflets and stayed with the TUC event (with kids, too old to run around, etc.)

At about 11.30, we heard that the coaches were moving off from Washington services with a police escort and that the local EDL were round central station (their assembly point) We ran there with banners and managed to confront them across police lines. We then did a bit of running around to try and get behind the police. (I'm too old for this kind of thing.)
Police started blocking streets (though Ncl town centre has lots of wide streets, cross streets and alleys, so it wasn't easy for them either). We heard that some EDL were at the Monument so we re-grouped there. A group of them were identified and there was a spontaneous demo round the Metro entrance. Lots of passers-by stopped to ask what was going off and we leafletted them. So the anti-racists were the presence in the town centre.

The EDL were heavily escorted by the police into the Bigg Market area. (Bigg Market is where the drinking goes on, so there was no public to speak of at that time). A lot of our people then went off to the UAF march which was assembling near St James football ground. We advised that they were likely to be kettled and wouldn't get anywhere the EDL, but we agreed to keep in contact by mobile. The UAF march was stopped at Newgate (about 300yds from the Bigg Market) but not kettled, i.e. people could leave the back of the march. UAF march estimates of between 800 and 1500
Police warned us that our demo would only be allowed for an hour, and there were moves to clear us from the Monument, so we fell back to our fall-back point, on Northumberland St. By then there were a lot fewer of us, so we decided to make our way back to the top of the Bigg Market to watch the EDL being dispersed and to check if any breakaways were headed to the West End. We had spotters on the route up to the West End all day, and a group of c20 went up to check. (They mostly lived there anyway).

I texted all the stewards at the end of the day to check everyone was safe, and to my knowledge there were no arrests and no assaults on our side.
We will be holding a debriefing meeting on Weds and probably a bit of a social after. I think we did good work. We talked to a lot of people beforehand and on the day. We held the town centre and the EDL were marginalised. If this was part of their grand plan, I don't think they can consider that things are going their way.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009