Wednesday, June 29, 2005

UJS - Undermining Jewish Students

In a statement this morning, the Union of Jewish students called for a rise in anti-semitism on campus. “Its deeply shocking”, said Mitchel Simmonstone, the chair of UJS, “Some universities are seeing almost no Jew hatred at all, which makes it very difficult for us to pursue our work.

In the good old days of Al-hamajaroun, Friday night meals were full of propaganda suceptible young yidden, whereas now they seem to building their own identities outside our watchful eye". In the most extreme cases of assimilation, some students have joined Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

"It is difficult to imagine” added Simmonstone ”how young Jewish singles can meet each other when there are so few anti-Israel motions to fight on campus; the level of shagging resulting from booze 4 jews nights is simply not sustainable.

We call on our friends in the muslim and socialist worker communities to make more effort, and start putting more work in. It is in everyone’s interest that Jewish identity remains fearful, compliant and ethnocentric-communal harmony is at stake”.

from Rise in Antisemitism

Irreverant, and downright unartful, these Jewish punks know how to take this piss better than most.

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