Thursday, October 06, 2005

[Class War Archive] Bristolian shortlisted for 2005 Paul Foot Award
by Richard Stott

The 4 Papers/Journalists shortlisted for the Paul Foot Award 2005 Shortlist were:

Felicity Lawrence - The Guardian
One of the many aspects of Paul's journalism was his determination to shed light in dark corners others would not visit, particularly among oppressed and marginalised minorities who had no voice until Foot spoke for them.
Felicity Lawrence's painstaking and difficult year-long investigation exposed the exploitation of migrant workers by unscrupulous gang-masters. She revealed widespread practices of cheap and illegal labour often housed in terrible conditions, the unacknowledged price we pay for massive supermarket profits. It is a world of Dickensian squalor, vicious exploitation, greed and government ignorance, exposed fearlessly by a brave reporter.

The Bristolian
Spikey, angry, iconoclastic, rude, abrasive. The smiter of the high and mighty says The Bristolian on its masthead, evoking irresistible memories of early Private Eye. Run on its wits, talent and a shoestring, The Bristolian is the authentic voice of the streets. Foot would have loved and admired its two- fingered approach.

John Sweeney - The Daily Mail
John Sweeney's four-year investigation into the terrible injustices suffered by Sally Clark, Angela Cannings and Donna Anthony, wrongly imprisoned for killing their children, led to the exposure of the prosecution's chief witness, the eminent paediatrician Sir Roy Meadow. A campaign that culminated in him being stuck off by the General Medical Council.
Sweeney's relentless pursuit of justice was in the highest tradition of Paul Foot journalism. Initially an unpopular and largely forgotten cause, a battle against apparently insuperable odds and finally the exposure of shocking incompetence and shortcomings in three Establishment professions “police, medicine and the law“ that sentenced women to prison for crimes they did not commit. Sweeney's dogged highlighting of these injustices kept the flame of hope alight when it appeared extinguished for ever. As a result many cases have been referred to the Court of Appeal and the guidelines on expert witnesses in child abuse cases have been changed.

Daniel Foggo and Charlotte Edwardes, The Sunday Telegraph
The exposure of the extraordinary fact that the British Pregnancy Advisory Service “an NHS funded charity and Britain's largest abortion provider“ was facilitating illegal late abortions, was a show-stopper in true Foot tradition. Meticulously researched and well written, the report led inevitably to a Department of Health inquiry into the BPAS and a report critical of the agency by the chief medical officer.

Eamonn O'Neill “ The Herald (Glasgow)
Foot relished nothing better than the pursuit of a bent copper. Eamonn O'Neill's tenacious and lengthy quest

originally reported in Bristolian Newsdesk

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