Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Annual Scuffle with the Met Marred by Successful Bookfair

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Last Saturday’s successful 22nd annual scuffle with the Met was sadly marred by the outbreak of a Bookfair. This year’s events were attended by thousands, who while they waited for the scuffles to kick off became impatient and began swapping information, making links and selling each other t-shirts and books.

Hundreds of refugees from the bookish jamboree crammed into Wetherspoons in Holloway Road for the 22nd annual London Anarchist Scuffle. A misguided attempt to play pisspoor techno on some duff portable speakers gave the staff the excuse to stop serving (well they never did like music in Wetherspoons) - leading to the only grievance which really motivates anarchists these days: turning off the beer.

As trustafarians hid under the tables the atmosphere was ripe for a full and frank airing of ideological differences. Quotes from Kropotkin’s “Turn that shit off!” were batted aside with references to John Jordan’s seminal “It’s my party and I’ll dance down the fires of capital if I want to”.

Luckily entertainment soon arrived in the form of the macho idiocy of the Met. Swaggering into the pub, three coppers nicked someone for saying “Shut up”. This rapidly led to a scuffle, which “bordered on a fracas at times” according to one eyewitness sat on the pavement eating chips.

The Bill were then chased out onto a busy Holloway road by dozens of well read anarchists. As more and more arrived, the traffic blocked street was a mass of panicky coppers swinging truncheons at anyone who came too close as the growing crowd chanted and engaged in the traditional light scuffling with the boys in blue.

Police in riot gear ended up shoving local Waitrose customers down the road (leaving a trail of marinated tofu and sun dried tomatoes spilled in the gutter) Waitrose customers don’t expect this sort of treatment - it’s only at Lidl or Kwik-Save where it’s par for the course. Ultimately seven were nicked for violent disorder.

An eye-linered skate punk there for the first time described the Annual Scuffle as ‘very informative about the state of anarchist politics today’.

Disclaimer: SchNEWS warns all readers... you can’t take our freedom but we can’t take our beer!

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