Monday, February 12, 2007

Boundaries of Free Speech?

"Culture war — that over used phrase, that generates some excitement, hope, adrenaline. That war will break out and not a moment too soon. There will be a path to follow and we shouldn’t be afraid of it, it is not a physical war. It’s not about violence, but a move from protest to resistance. It will be fun. We know what we can do. We are the majority. Not everything that can be passed in parliament can be passed on the streets. The thing to be afraid of is our current state — beaten, depressed, helpless and hiding behind our tolerance alone — "let each do what they like", when in fact we are a lot of people who’ve had enough. We are not playing with words, arguments and wordings. We are screaming from the bottom of our hearts: We’re fed up, we’ve had enough."
(It's All Lies: Culture War)

flyerGerman and Israeli Journalism and Growing Rifts between the "West" and the "Muslim World"

Weds 14th, Thurs 15th Jan, Jerusalem: Admission Free

Registration is encouraged and welcome via: Charlotte Misselwitz,
Ulrike Goldenblatt,

This conference is sponsored by the Dr. Alexander-Rita-Besser-Foundation, the Heinrich-Boll-Foundation and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and organised by a team of young German and Israeli media professionals.

Orthodox Anarchist, and Editor in Chief of Jewschool, Dan Sieradski will be giving a talk about:
“The Spin Cycle: How Bloggers and Columnists are Shaping our Perception of World Events.” I will be exploring the manner in which bloggers and news columnists are increasing media and government accountability, and how these individuals, in turn, incur the wrath of media and governments around the world."

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