Friday, June 23, 2006

[US] The Class War At Home

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"America is just the country that how all the written guarantees in the world for freedom are no protection against tyranny and oppression of the worst kind. There the politician has come to be looked at as the very scum of society"
~ Peter Kropotkin

Karl Rove, his consorts in the one-party Republican congress and their concubines and harlots in the mainstream media have executed an enormously successful misdirection play, a nearly perfect double-reverse, flea-flicker with the clock running down and a Double MacGuffin to boot. With all of the focus being on painting the lipstick on the pig that is the Iraq War in order to transform it into a prom queen.

'We're tired of both the corporate elites and the cultural elites. We want leaders who understand our anxieties and are, like us, tired of a world where nothing is safe, where everything can be swept away by a serious illness, a divorce or a terrorist's bomb.'

This is what the two-party corporate scam fears the most, an increased focus on domestic problems and extracting ourselves from the disastrous globalist trade agreements that have devastated our manufacturing sector and stolen the dreams of prosperity from millions. In order for Americans to return some sanity to this land we need to get away fro the current definitions of liberal and conservative even if it takes a compromise on some divisive social issues to make peace with the more moderate elements of the religious community in exchange for a focus on reigning in corporate power and cleansing the Washington whorehouses in order to return the chance at economic opportunity for the majority of Americans.

A legitimate third party must be created and the power of Huey Long style populism injected into the discourse that Rove and his fascist slime have turned into nothing more than a forum for racist demagoguery and religious bigotry to beat back any attempt at getting to the issues and the truth about how truly rotten this system has become under the stewardship of the Clintons, the Bushes, James Baker, Dick Cheney, The House of Saud, The Israeli Lobby, trans-national corporations and high dollar investment bankers and their fronts of the WTO, IMF and every other sleazy organization that barters in the blood of the young, exploits the impoverished in the name of privatization and free markets that are anything but free. The existing system is an abysmal failure and the looters who continue to accelerate their planetary plundering need to have their day in The Hague. It's time to stop supporting dictatorships, waging illegal wars, stealing resources, enslaving millions in sweatshops and manipulating markets and to demand that the criminals who have done so at the expense of the oppressed accountable for their dirty deeds.

Oh and by the way, the FBI arrested seven sad sacks in Miami yesterday for their alleged participation in a plot to blow up the Sears Tower. The men were `BLACK Muslims' or more appropriately in deciphering the Rove code `militant niggers' to the racist rednecks and paramilitary types that Karl Rove seeks to reach out to in order to juice their turnout at the polls and man precincts with goons in order to ensure that no BLACK Muslims are able to use their ballots to take over the government. No explosives or weapons were found and the media circus won't affect the parade for the NBA Champion Miami Heat.


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