Friday, July 07, 2006

Berlusconi's Mousetrap

Berlusconi's Mousetrap is a feature length documentary produced by Indymedia Ireland about the events in Genoa.

Report from Indymedia Ireland:

"The film had a complicated gestation but heavily involved the majority of the original Indymedia Ireland gang. We came back from working with Indymedia Italy in Genoa all fired up and determined to start an Indymedia in Ireland. Almost five years ago that was now.

The Protests against the G8 in July 2001 in Genoa Italy were the biggest and most significant protests in Western Europe since the Poll Tax riots in the UK. Italian Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi, wanting to impress his new best mate George W. Bush, orchestrated a brutal Media/Police preemptive strike on the Anti-Capitalist Movements' biggest First World mobilisation to date. When the weekend of protests ended Carlo Guiliani was dead and a school full of sleeping activists had been attacked in what is popularly referred to as the 'Chilean Night'.

The film traces the events of the three days of protests in detail and poses the question - Was it all a setup? If Seattle was 'Star Wars' then this is 'The Empire Strikes Back'. It is made from a combination of footage of the Genoa protests against the G8 shot by 10 members of IMC Ireland, material from the Italy IMC Archives and material from various other sources. This compelling footage combined with on the spot interviews and reenacted voiceover commentary and analysis from various websites which were active during the protests provides a in-depth blow by blow retelling of the story of the three days of the Genoa protests against the G8."

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