Thursday, July 27, 2006

[GIG] Thursday 21st September 2006
The Platform - Morecombe

The Platform - Morecambe

Thursday Sept. 21st 2006
Chumbawamba / Eastfield / Chris Butler

Tickets £10 / £8 Concession - Tel:01524 582803

This gig in Morecambe is part of a week of activity, and awareness, in the struggle against racism and fascism. Other events to be confirmed are a public meeting, and direct action against the fascist bnp in the Lancaster and Morecambe area organised by local anti-fascists.

Chumbawamba have seen a few changes over the past couple of years but perhaps their most recent one is the most exciting. Now an acoustic outfit they still have that unmistakeable Chumba sound. The jump up and down rock and roll spectacle complete with boxing nun is gone. In place are acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, pipes and accordion. What remains are their heartfelt politics and social conscience giving their songs lyrical weight and meaning. The radical message is delivered in a style that embraces the folk tradition, and combines it with their signature four part harmonies and catchy choruses. Support provided by urban rail punk outfit, Eastfield, and Derbyshire folk singer Chris Butler. All bands have been active in the struggle against fascism, and Eastfield, who combine tuneful punk with humour and politics, have personal links to the area, and involvement in local direct action.

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