Friday, August 11, 2006

[Israel] Israeli Activist severely injured by Israeli Police at Peaceful Demo against Occupation of Palestine and War in Lebanon

In an international demonstration against the occupation of Palestine and the war in Lebanon, an Israeli activist has been seriously injured, apparently brain damaged, by Israeli police. He is presently undergoing emergency surgery in a Tel Aviv hospital.

On 11 August 2006 a demonstration took place in the Palestinian village of Bil'in ('in), carried out by Palestinian and Israeli activists together with about 100 international activists from the International Solidarity Movement and from the Queeruption festival. The aim of the demonstration was to oppose the occupation of Palestine and the war in Lebanon.

The video clearly shows the Border Police unit firing on the demonstrators from close range. There is no evidence that the soldiers were in danger. Typically, the military spokesperson has claimed that "activists threw stones" and Haaretz's article yesterday reiterating the same false information. The video also clearly shows the commander of the unit saying, "This is Lebanon!" as he orders his force to fire on retreating demonstrators, and "I will not allow a demonstration during wartime!"

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Also here: August 23rd: http://www. video of shooting with english narration.


8th September - article from Ha'aretz republished on Bil'in Village website

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