Thursday, September 28, 2006

70th Anniversary of The Battle of Cable Street - Sunday 8th October 2006

Where: in Cable Street, and in the open space beside the mural and behind St George's Town Hall.
Start: 08/10/2006 - 12:00am
End: 08/10/2006 - 4:00pm
Admission: Free

On 4 October 1936 the people of the East End of London won a famous victory when they stopped Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists from marching through Cable Street in Stepney, then a mainly Jewish area. This happened just three months after the start of the Spanish Civil War when people from all over the world went to Spain to fight General Franco and his fascists in a prelude to the Second World War. In Spain and in the East End the same slogan was used; NO PASARAN! , THEY SHALL NOT PASS

This victory is known as THE BATTLE OF CABLE STREET and a small paperback book setting out the historical background, including interviews with some of the original participants is available from The Cable Street Group

The event is also commemorated by the mural on the west wall of St George's Town Hall in Cable Street.

October 2006 sees the 70th Anniversary of this momentous event and the Cable Street Group could not allow this to pass without marking it as a special and significant historic occasion.

The Cable Street Group and Alternative Arts are planning a commemorative event that will take place on Sunday 8 October 2006 in Cable Street and in the open space beside the mural and behind St George's Town Hall.

The celebration will include a procession led by the Cardboard Citizens Samba Band, 'They Shall Not Pass' a piece of street theatre specially written by Roger Mills and directed by Tim Arthur, songs from Sandra Kerr and Leon Rosselson, music from Klezmania klezmer band, Udichi Shilpi Gosthi Bangladeshi cultural group, Duende Flamenco Spanish flamenco guitars and dancers, The Lost Marbles Irish string band, The Reggae Revolution and a commissioned concert 'No Pasaran' by the Grand Union Orchestra.

'PROTEST & SURVIVE', an exhibition of photography, is being curated combining historical imagery of The Battle of Cable Street with documentary evidence of the past 20 years of local anti-racist protest and contemporary work by 7 emerging young photographers portraying the diverse communities that make up the East End today. This original exhibition opens at the event and afterwards will be transferred to the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park for one week.

The event will be opened by author Michael Rosen and his father Harold Rosen who was at the Battle of Cable Street.

For more information: contact The Cable Street Group on 020 7247 4283 and Alternative Arts on 020 7375 0441 Patrons of the event include Tony Benn, Billy Bragg, Shami Chakrabarti, Dr William Fishman, Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP, Oona King, Michael Rosen, Chris Searle and Baroness Pola Uddin.

Supported by National Unison, Transport and General Workers Union, St Katherines and Shadwell Trust, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, LAP 4, European Regional Development Fund.

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