Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[Bristol] Be your own personal Jesus
350th anniversary of the 'blasphemous' ride of James Naylor

on Saturday 28th October 2006, at 11.30 am. in Corn St.

Download the Bristol Radical History Week colour postersThe 350th anniversary of the 'blasphemous' ride of the radical preacher and ex-soldier of the New Model Army, James Nayler into Bristol. The arrest and savage torture of Nayler as a result of his actions marked the beginning of the general repression of the radical currents generated by the English Civil War.

Be 'your own personal Jesus' and join in with the 'Hosannas' as James Nayler, his palm wielding Cancan Dancers and a troop of Roundhead pike and musketmen parade from the Centre via Corn St. to Castle Green. Refuse to 'doff your caps' to the agents of the Crown and celebrate freedom from the religious hierarchy.

Dress : Floppy Hats
Attitude : Blasphemous

Background Reading :
James Nayler’s Ride into Bristol : October 1656

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