Sunday, October 08, 2006

[Demo] Keep Our NHS Public
March in London 1st November

Assemble: 11am South Bank
March to: Westminster Central Hall

Aim: To join the lobby of Parliament on the 1st November.

Prime Organisers: National Pensioners Convention

The Police have been rather nice and allowed the march to go right to the lobby (The march itself will contain a few hundred pensioners, so no jostling, folks!)

Info/Leaflets: Tel:020 8806 4989 or email:

Progrss Report
Activists have been leafletting St Guys and St Thomas's and the response has been very, very good, with people taking loads of leaflets into the workplace and handing over contact details to get involved in the local campaign.

Activists report that the response from the Public and Hospital Security has been a 'breath of fresh air' (Big Thank You to ALL)

At the moment the big marches and demos seem to have been in areas where the trade unions are weekest rather than strongest - reflecting the stifling of opposition/mood by union heads maybe? The tories have even moved over to being 'defenders of the NHS' - like wolves in sheeps clothing. But there is a real mood that has the potential to explode if the work is put in - a bit like the poll tax (but with a more workplace orientated slant). There has already been local victories against cuts in services etc, at the same time there are a series of important disputes with, nationally, NHS Logistics and Blood Bank staff as well as localised disputes. [...] Anyway - just so's you know - please help build for this.


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