Sunday, October 22, 2006

Russell Brand's RE:Brand Episode 2 "Naziboy"

Update: The orignals were originally posted in three parts but have now been removed from Youtube, due to 'terms of violation', so BBC and Russell (e's not just a pretty face) Brand, if you're reading this, please keep Episode 2 (Naziboy) online!

Brand's 'Naziboy' had an interviewing style that encouraged the viewer to laugh at 'BNP's heir apparent' Mark Collett, but didn't shy away from discussing the unpleasant ideology Collett subscribed to.

Although Collett still got plenty of time to discuss his insidious views, Brand got the better of him, drawing out Collett's bigotry, as well as doing a pretty good job of using Collett's homophobia against him, to great effect.

Anyway, we managed to find another copy, in one piece this time, so here it is again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I had the link from Urban75 - Nice job from Mr. R. Brand. Not just a pretty face and 'big mouth'. The majority of Lancs and Yorks are not racist as you see.

Note to BNP and NF: Working Class doesn't equal racist. Mill towns? Try again.