Monday, October 23, 2006

chattering class war 'anarchist' police informer fakes

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"'Class War: a violence glorifying group of fake 'anarchist' thugs and police informers descended on the 'paradise' pub in Kensal Rise last night in an attempt to revive their almost successful attempt to destroy the anarchist movement in Britain.

Paid informers: The group more or less collapsed a few years ago when it emerged that at least one of their 'leaders' was actually in the full time employ of Scotland Yard's 'Special Branch', while several other members appeared to be paid informers. In fact the police were pretty much running 'Class War', organising the patsies to do their bidding!

Fake anarchists: These fake 'anarchists' are closer in thinking to the BNP and Pol Pot than any true anarchist philosophy. They mostly wear black and glorify mindless violence. Like Pol Pot they would like to go back to the year 'zero', and advocate putting anyone who is 'middle class' or has done well in life, in concentration camps "for rich people". 'Class War' hates 'rich people' like Hitler's Nazies hated the jews.

They live off their mums: Class War call themselves 'anarchists' but most of them live off the state and scrounge cash off their mums. They use macho 'alpha male' bully boy tactics to take over events and demonstrations as the so called 'anarchist block' - a tactic that has succeeded in making the British anarchist movement the smallest and least effective in Europe.

Public Service Warning: Watch out for these people, they are not anarchists. They claim to be part of the progressive left, but they have even less respect for freedom and equality than the BNP - or even the CBI (Confederation of British Industry)."

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