Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[UAF] Protest outside BNP conference in Blackpool
25/26 November

UAF/NUS protest outside BNP conference in Blackpool, Saturday 25 November

The BNP has announced on their website that they are planning a conference on the weekend of 25 and 26 November in Blackpool. The BNP has not announced the venue and local people including the leader of the council, hotels, trade unions, students and anti-fascist groups have condemned the BNP for attempting to hold their conference in Blackpool.

UAF will call a protest outside the BNP conference on Saturday 25 November in Blackpool, if it goes ahead. We ask members and supporters to remain vigilant and keep checking the UAF website for details.

NUS are discussing with UAF to hopefully to have a joint demo on the Sunday instead of the Saturday to enable those of all faiths to attend (Saturday being the Jewish Sabbath). Alternatively there may be a UAF demo on the Saturday, and an NUS one on the Sunday. Blackpool & the Fylde College Students' Union will most likely be supporting both of these demos if they happen separately but hope that a joint demo can be arranged by NUS and UAF.

I am also concerned for the safety of our international students and students from ethnic minorities. As you probably know, whenever the BNP are active in an area either during elections, conferences or other events the number of racist attacks goes up. A member of my exec. has already told me that they are leafleting in her area.

We need everyone's help to tell the BNP loud and clear that they are not welcome in Blackpool or any other town or city.

Please send as many people as you can to the demo(s) being organised.

Also a message to the factions and various political and religious groups that read this board - if you have members that live or work in the Blackpool area, we need your help in organising things locally. We need to build a united anti-racism campaign that can challenge the BNP locally in the Blackpool, Fleetwood and the Fylde. Please contact Stephen Mullen via the details below.

If anyone needs a reminder of what the BNP are like, then maybe this quote from the Blackpool Gazette will clear things up:

Roy Goodwin, of the Blackpool BNP branch, said it now had 300 fully paid up members and "hundreds more supporters". He said: "I have worked very hard with the grassroots membership in the BNP to make Blackpool a good stomping ground for us.

Contact: Stephen Mullen
President, Blackpool & The Fylde College Students’ Union
Email: union at blackpoolstudent.co.uk (@ removed to help prevent spam)
Union Tel: 01253 504154

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