Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sat 2nd Dec
End the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan

End the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan
National Demonstration at RAF Brize Norton: Saturday 2nd December, 12 noon, Brize Norton village, Oxfordshire.
Bring them back from overseas.
Bring ‘em home, bring em home.
It’ll make the politicians sad I know,
Bring ‘em home, Bring ‘em home ...
~Pete Seeger, 1969

Called by: Bristol STW Coalition; Oxford STW Coalition; Oxford CND, Swindon STW Coalition and CND; Faringdon Peace Group.
Supported by: Stop the War Coalition, CND.
Assemble: 12 noon Carterton Road, Brize Norton Village
Map» Car park available. Coach shuttle service to the assembly point.

No More Deaths
Brize Norton is the most important British military base for maintaining the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the main transport base for sending troops and supplies in and out of the occupied countries. In August this year it was also used by US planes taking munitions to the Israeli Defence Force to bomb Lebanon.

Our message on December 2nd is simple. Tell Tony Blair to bring the British troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop using British bases to support the occupations of those countries. As a mark of respect for the dead of all nationalities, please bring flowers.

Click here to download a flyer for the demonstration.
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