Saturday, November 18, 2006

[London] Tues 22nd Nov
Stop the anti-choice offensive!

Press release from Abortion Rights regarding the pro-choice national lobby coming up later this month:
Public meeting 22nd November, 7pm — 9pm Room 10, House of Commons, Westminster
Speakers include:
  • Polly Toynbee Guardian Columnist
  • Dr Kate Paterson MRCOG, NFFP Consultant in Community Gynecology and Reproductive Health
  • Laura Moffatt MP Labour Party
  • Not-yet-announced Liberal Democrat MP
  • Jacqui Lait MP Conservative Party
  • Lorene Fabian AMICUS
  • Rebecca Gill TUC Women's Officer
  • Kat Stark NUS Women’s Officer
Following two years of relentless and misleading media campaigning, the anti-choice lobby has now turned to drive its dangerous agenda through parliament. Notwithstanding the defeat of a cynical anti-choice backbench bill at the end of October, the anti-choice lobby has pledged to continue with a Private Members’ Bill, an Adjournment debate and a Westminster Hall debate. The strategy is designed to ratchet up pressure for incremental restrictions in women’s crucial abortion rights – starting with later abortion.
This public meeting in Parliament, on the eve of the ballot for a Private Members’ Bill, is an opportunity to send a strong message to MPs that any attempts set back women's rights will be met with widespread and determined opposition. We look forward to seeing you there. Please email to register your place and for further details.
Organised by Abortion Rights. Abortion Rights is supported by: T&G, FBU, CWU, AMICUS, BECTU, UNISON, ASLEF, RMT, UCU, TSSA, NAPO, NUS Women’s Campaign and many others. Abortion Rights and NUS Women's Campaign are also organising an opportunity for you to lobby your MP and take part in a media photo event during the day.

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