Wednesday, November 01, 2006

[News] More Power to Greenpeace

Activists chained to chimneys at Didcot power stationKeep up-to-date with the protest on greenpeace's moblog site
30 anti-pollution activists from Greenpeace are staging a sit-in protests over the next few days at Didcot coal-fired power plant in Oxfordshire, armed with masks and food supplies. They invaded Didcot coal-fired power station (in Oxfordshire) at 5:30am yesterday and have been there overnight.

Campaigners demand that the government phases out these kind of coal fired power stations and instead backs localised - or "decentralised" - power generation, (such as microgeneration).

itv news reported that:
Protesters hit emergency stop buttons on conveyor belts carrying coal into the plant and attached themselves to machinery. A second group climbed a 200 metre high chimney to set up a "climate camp" at the top.
A Greenpeace spokesperson reports...

"Didcot is the second most polluting power station in Britain behind Drax in Yorkshire. Like most of Britain's power stations, two-thirds of the energy it generates is wasted, making a massive contribution to climate change.

"The campaigners are demanding that the Government phases out this kind of coal-fired power station and instead backs localised, or decentralised power generation, which is much more efficient."

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