Monday, November 06, 2006

Plane Stupid Activists Occupy Easy Jet HQ

Plane Stupid is Britain's first national direct action campaign group opposing the growth in aviation and the government’s plans for airport expansion.

Plane Stupid activists have shut down the HQ of Easyjet in London, as part of Britain’s first national day of action against short haul flights, which coincides with the start of the UN Climate talks in Nairobi.

It comes as new research from HACAN Clearskies shows that 100,000 flights from Heathrow each year are to short haul destinations that are easily reachable by the more sustainable train alternative.

25 travel agents across the UK last night had their front doors chained shut by activists who left signs on the windows reading,
“Closed for a total rethink.
Plane Stupid regard aviation as the fastest growing cause of climate change, with emissions increasing at such a rate that the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research predicts that emissions from air travel alone will mean that the UK will miss essential targets for CO2 reductions.

Rather than reining the industry in and trying to reduce demand for flying, the government is promoting it through tax breaks and through its plans for massive expansion programme that will devastate areas of beautiful countryside and see established communities including the entire village of Sipson wiped off the map.

Plane Stupid – whose members include environmental activists and local residents – use tried-and-tested techniques of direct action to stop government and industry, and to bring them back down to earth.
We are demanding a fundamental rethink of the government’s 2003 Aviation White Paper which predicts that air travel will treble by 2030: an increase in annual plane journeys from 180 million to 501 million. We want to see airport expansion plans scrapped, a tax on aviation fuel and plane tickets, and an end to short haul flights.

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