Friday, November 24, 2006

Stop the War Machine
Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall seize tanks and bulldozers at Gaza checkpoints

Direct action anarchist group in Israel, Anarchists Against the Wall, demonstrate atop IDF machinery against continued warfare in Gaza.

5 activists organized by the Anarchists against the Wall initiative traveled to the region bordering the Gaza strip and entered an army compound where about 50 heavily armored soldiers carriers and 5 D9 bulldozers (of the model that demolish houses and crushed Rachel Corrie to death. They climbed on two of the carriers and placed pictures, banners, and other materials representing massacred people.

As reported on Israel Indymedia activist website:

"The soldiers on guard there tried to make us go away but we just ignored their commands. Police officers who came there just asked to see our ID cards, but surprisingly did noting more. After two hours of pressing our point to the state forces and to the media workers who came to document our action, we called it a day and returned to Tel Aviv".

Ha'aretz featured the demo on their website and a video-clip was shown during the main news program of Israel's Channel 10.

Activists seize IDF tanks in Gaza in protest at army 'war machine'
By Mijal Grinberg, Haaretz Correspondent
Activists [...] took over Israel Defense Forces tanks and bulldozers between the Erez and Karni crossings in the Gaza Strip. Soldiers in the area were caught unawares as the activists scattered dummies to symbolize body parts.

The activists said their intention was to "stop the war machine, as citizens in whose name the army operates."

At the same time, a procession of some 40 Peace Now activists' cars passed through Sderot on their way to the Erez crossing carrying a banner reading "only political negotiations will stop Qassams." The activists, whose procession had left from the Glilot intersection north of Tel Aviv, held their own protest at the crossing.

MK Haim Oron (Meretz) said at the protest that the only solution to the conflict is a political one and that Israel must not deploy an excessive number of troops in the Gaza Strip.

Sufyan Abu Zaida, a Fatah leader in the Strip, addressed the protesters by phone, having been denied entry to Israel. Abu Zaida said that the only way to stop Qassam fire is the recognition of the legitimacy of both peoples.

The emperor is naked!
We should not underestimate the ideological and intellectual challenge that anarchists set before an Israeli society that attributes an absolute, sacred value to the 'Jewish' state, as though it's actions embody, by their very legislation, supreme moral and social values.

"After two generations of occupation, the precarious basis of the legality of the occupation power has been forgotten, and everyone takes the "legality" or illegality of the outposts seriously. So it won't hurt to have a little bit of anarchy, that shouts out: "The emperor is naked."

~ Meron Beronvenisti AATW

In other news, international peace activists in Hebron were attacked by radical Hardalim Jewish settlers, while the American media mysteriously declined to report on any news that would show the dissatisfaction of Israeli citizens over Palestinian and Bedouin house demolitions whilst the Israeli Govt continues to allow ever-expanding illegal settlements to be built on Palestinian territory.

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