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Launch Rally

Tuesday 30 January 2007, 19.00-21.00 Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ Free entry featuring: Tony Benn Prof Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian General Delegate Dr Mona El-Farra, author, From Gaza, with Love Yonatan Shapira, Israeli pilot, Combatants for Peace Sharif Omar, Jayous farmer plus films, stalls and merchandise This is the main public launch of the ENOUGH! coalition, and will mark the start of the campaign. It follows a parliamentary launch earlier on the same day. We hope to fill the main Friends House venue with supporters of this important event - please make sure you're there!

National Rally

The ENOUGH! coalition is organising a major national demonstration and concert to take place in London on the afternoon of 9 June 2007 - the international day of action to mark the 40th anniversary under the slogan: "The World Says No to Israeli Occupation". Full details to appear here - but please put the date in your diary now. This is the primary international event of the year in support of the Palestinian people, and it is up to us to ensure that the UK action sends a strong message both to the Israeli government and to No 10 Downing Street

Members' commitments:

1. ENOUGH! members must sign up to and be fully supportive of the mission statement whose text is on the homepage of this website, and must agree that "ENOUGH! End the Israeli Occupation: Justice for the Palestinians" is the descriptive objective of our joint work.

2. ENOUGH! members agree to work in the spirit of the mission statement, respectful of the tradition and character of each member group of the coalition and opposing all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Holocaust denial or Nakba denial, in forwarding the work of the coalition.

3. ENOUGH! members reject the use of violence in their single or joint actions and uphold the principle of non-violent campaigning.


2007 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Six Day War, in which the Israeli army took military control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Since that time the government of Israel has built 'settlements' in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and assisted its citizens in setting up homes and businesses using land and resources stolen from the Palestinian people. This situation has continued to the current day despite Israel being in violation of international humanitarian law and over 60 UN resolutions.

Enough Barbed Wire


The Occupation has created serious poverty for the Palestinians, as well as severe human rights violations. But Palestinian suffering dates back further to 1948, when the state of Israel was created and 750,000 Palestinians were driven or fled from their homes. The United Nations asserted the refugees' right to return home in 1948, but Israel has refused to allow this. Meanwhile the refugee population has grown to over four million, one of the largest in the world, many of whom live in camps waiting for international law to be upheld.
Enough Protest


Britain bears a particular responsibility for this suffering. From 1917 to 1948 Britain controlled Palestine. Along with the US and many EU countries, the UK government is today involved in a close military, economic and political relationship with Israel, and fails to stand up for the rights of the Palestinian people.

Enough Homes Destroyed
We say Enough! We are a group of charities, trade unions, faith and other campaign groups. We have come together because we want peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike. This can only be built on justice, equality and freedom. In order to achieve this goal governments like the British government must stand up for international law and human rights. Join our campaign.

Who We Are

We are a coalition of charities, trade unions, faith and other campaign groups who have come together because we want peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike. The following are currently members of ENOUGH! - if your organisation would like to apply to join the coalition, please contact us.

Get Informed

In addition to the websites of the member organisations which make up the ENOUGH! coalition, the following are good sources of information in English on the situation in Palestine:

Foundation for Middle East Peace:
Gush Shalom:
Stop the Wall:
UN Information System on the Question of Palestine:
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:
UN Relief and Works Agency:

Disclaimer: The websites listed above are suggested for purposes of information only, and no member of the ENOUGH! coalition bears any responsibility for the content thereof.

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