Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anarchists Against The Wall Updates

AATW have recently updated their site - it is worth checking them out for news, as often as possible, since they are also involved with other anti-Wall and anti-Occupation demonstrations and so on.
Their new look site now features videos, pictures, a catalogue of press clippings and of course, a donate link, so if you have some money to spare, please consider donating, if not, then please spread this news across the blogsphere.

A summary of February's direct action (to date):
19/02/07: AATW activist Jonathan Pollack's sentencing statement
18/02/07: 11 Anarchists sentenced after being convicted for blocking a road, one three months suspended
16/02/2007: Soldiers inflict head wounds to a demonstrator in Bil'in
11/02/07 Uncovering the lies of the Civil Administration in the lands of Bil'in
09/02/07: Bil'in: Several injured by clubs and concussion grenades
03/02/2007: Anarchists blockade downtown Tel Aviv for the second time in a month

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