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Anarchy in the Balkans: Andrej Grubacic in conversation with FreedomFight

Excerpt from: Anarchy in the Balkans: Andrej Grubacic in conversation with FreedomFight, Z Net, 20/2/2007

FreedomFight is an anarchist, alter-globalist movement created in Serbia in 2003. Beside work on alternative web-based media project at, Freedom Fight movement promotes necessity of opposing neo-liberal ideology. But that’s not all, we are not just reaction to the unjust system, we also try to seek for proper alternatives for the life after capitalism. I don’t believe in the so called ``end of the history``, that better world is not possible. Their plan is, of course, to convince us in that, but ``end of the history`` is going to happen only if we let them destroy the planet – then for sure would not be any history no more.

First step is to fight neo-liberal ideology whose imposing here is being financed with large quantities of money. Except unmasking of promises of better life that we’ll deserve by obeying orders that comes from some places far away from here, from IMF and World Bank, we have to promote alternatives which would capture people’s imagination and took them away from transitional apathy and depression. We have to show people that there is better future beyond capitalism. Of course, any alternative to the neo-liberal models must be also an alternative to the authoritarian systems.

Balkan is a place for geo-strategic experiments of powerful states. They also want by using force to convince us that they are bosses and that we have to obey orders. During NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, which could be avoided if negotiations haven’t been sabotaged with unacceptable ultimatums, the result was escalation of the atrocities. I can’t believe that so many intellectuals abroad supported bombing as "humanitarian intervention"! What about other places where ethnic cleansing was military aided from USA administration!? Was that also their ``humanitarian intervention``!? Now that criminal politics took the form of an economic type of oppression.

According to official records of unemployment, in Serbia rate of unemployment is approximately 30%. Transitional Balkan is not a very nice place to live in. People get fired, public property is being sold for nothing, and there is extremely big gap between rich and poor. Many people that call themselves ``experts`` are trying to convince us that we need to make some transitional sacrifices so in the future we could live like the ``whole normal world``. In fact, they are just well paid exponents of neoliberal ideology. They are imposing here politics which I often call ``IMF copy-paste politics``, because IMF is dictating always the same economic measures on no matter what transitional country. Slovenia was not in crises as long as it managed to avoid those measures that have disastrous effect on ordinary people’s life. Due to the neo-liberal reforms Slovenia’s social security system was cut back, public utilities were privatized and living standards for most of the population declined significantly. Serbia is also forced to conduct policies that were designed to fulfill the requirements for entry into the European Union. Elections in Serbia are often presented as most important thing for Balkan stability by international community, which is always suggesting us for who to vote. In fact, nothing depends on the final electoral outcome. No matter what political party seizes state power, the processes of privatization, transition and European integration is going to continue. Most of the despaired people who are against these processes are voting for Serbian Radical Party, which on recent election took 29% of the vote, but, in fact, that party is just a nationalist, pro-capitalist organization with fake populism.

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