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Three Cities Against the Wall

In 2005, an exhibition named "Three Cities Against the Wall" brought together Palestinian, Israeli, American and European artists in an historic 3-city exhibition, in order to explore alternative ways of direct-action protests such as those being held weekly at various locations, including Bil'in Village.
“[…] There is a danger in opening a window in the wall, for ultimately what we want and what we came together for, is to do away with the wall altogether […] the wall is merely an expression, in a concrete form, of what is already there, a high degree of segregation and wish for separation, a mentality, a feeling which is widely present in the public […] so to work against the wall means working against this, changing the mentality […] the question is what it means to work against it, in both publics, both the Palestinian and the Israeli […] it means to know that public, and to know how to bring the issue of non-separation in a way that still moves them…”Artists without Walls, April 1, 2004.

Three cities, Ramallah, Tel Aviv and New York, exhibited this alternative form of protest over the "Separation Wall" that snakes it's way through the Palestinian West Bank, turning villages into isolated isles, separating communities from each other, and cutting Palestinian villagers and farmers off from their land and livlihood.

Charlotte Misselwitz writes:
Important to the project are regular meetings of the Israeli-Palestinian artist group, which always take place in Ramallah as Palestinian activists cannot cross the border Palestinian boys wave to Israeli children by climbing onto their parents' shoulders. The later the hour, the more people can be found waving to each other from both sides of the wall. Communication through a six-meter-high concrete wall, on the border between Israel and Palestine, of all places?

The artist group "Artists without Walls" has installed cameras at a stretch of wall near Jerusalem so that each side can see a film of the other side projected onto the wall. The effect is astounding: for a brief moment, both worlds seem transparent.

The Divide
Chapter XIX: Artists without Walls

Three Cities Against the Wall
Israel is building in the Occupied Territories. Each artist is represented by works in all three cities:
Three Cities Against The Wall

Direct Action Palestine
DAP is a New York-based group that works in solidarity with Palestinian non-violent resistance to end the Israeli occupation. We mobilize, train, support and fund activists to travel to Israel/Palestine and to bring their stories home.

International Solidarity Movement
International Solidarity Movement, (ISM), a Palestinian-led movement of Palestinian and International activists working to raise awareness of the struggle for Palestinian freedom and an end to Israeli occupation. ISM utilizes nonviolent, direct-action methods of resistance to confront and challenge the Israeli occupation.

International Women's Peace Service
IWPS Palestine is an international team of 16 women based in Hares, a village in the Salfit Governorate of Occupied Palestine's West Bank. IWPS joins Palestinians in acts of non-violent direct action to oppose human rights abuses and the confiscation and destruction of land and property of Palestinian people.

Jews Against the Occupation
JATO is an organization of progressive, secular and religious Jews of all ages throughout the New York City area advocating peace through justice for Palestine and Israel.

Middle East Children's Alliance
MECA is a non-governmental organization, working for peace and justice in the Middle East; focusing on Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq. Its programs emphasize the need to educate North Americans about the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy, and to support projects that aid and empower communities.

The Palestine Children's Welfare Fund
PCWF was established by individuals whose goals are to improve the living standards of the children of Palestine in the refugee camps inside Palestine. The group aims to provide the children of the refugee camps with better educational opportunities, health facilities and a bright future without violence, hatred and discrimination.

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