Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Trebanos Five - Ramblers arrested on route of National Grid's Pipeline

Report from Earth First! Action Reporter:
( Wed 31-01-2007 ) Five people were arrested on the public footpath running through the construction site in Trebanos, South Wales.

The Trebanos Five..... Whose quick decision making left a bit to be desired, were arrested today for "learning Italian, having a picnic and reading" on an illegaly closed public footpath in Trebanos...... Having being given 5 minutes to move on, they were handcuffed and manhandled whilst deciding what to do next( three minutes later....) They are now known as The Trebanos Faffing Five !!!

The footpath was subject to an "undated" closure notice on Thursday 25th January 2007. The notice gave 7 days notice. Today's arrests on the footpath were within the 7 day period and those arrested are seeking legal advice with regards their wrongful arrest. Neath Port Talbot CBC, who closed the footpath, are soon to be subject to a Judicial Revue for the way they handled the planning process. National Grid are now threatening local people in South Wales that they will sue them should their work be delayed any longer....

National Grid's Security Guards, sorry I mean The South Wales Police Force, seemed very pleased with themselves and were filmed and photographed by a local resident concerned for the safety of those arrested.Up to 40 police officers were on hand to arrest the five young people.

National Grids 48" dia, high pressure pipeline has caused a storm of controvesy. The enviromental issues, safety issues, the lack of democracy and the abuse of human rights have drawn support for the protestors from all of the UK, The Bahamas, California and Rossport. The Trebanos Five were arrested within a few feet of the site where National Grid are attempting to dig a 30 mtrs deep vertical shaft through which will travel the 48" pipe. The pipe goes through much of the South Wales Coalfield and also through the Brecon Beacons National Park.

National Grid claim this pipeline is essential for our future energy needs. That has been disproved using their own data. This pipeline is not needed, it is not wanted and it is a dangerous project which will only add to our carbon footprint. The continued use of fossil fuels, which is clearly supported by our government and police force, can only end in disaster. We may not see all of the effects today, but our children and their children will have to live with the results of our blatant disregard of the Earth.

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