Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Truth Game

"Secrecy and propaganda ought not to control what we think" said John Pilger in his classic 1983 documentary, 'The Truth Game'.

Protect and Survive
Featuring a clip from the farcical British Government's civil defence propaganda that contained do-it-yourself instructions on how to survive a nuclear attack in your own home if a Nuclear Attack to become a reality.

Jingles of War
A new type of propaganda is affecting the opinions of the general public. 'Bomb Iran', taken from a music video which appeared around 10 months ago on the internet, is now infecting untold numbers of youths on the high-school playground via their mobile phones. The tune is taken from the classic sixties Beach Boys' hit 'Barbara Ann'. Pilger's observation couldn't be more accurate - that by using familiar and "reassuring, even soothing language", this new type of earworm propaganda is creating an "acceptability" for another war in the minds of the young, and perpetuating "the illusion that we could live securely with nuclear weapons".

Recycled Rhetoric
As an updated version of the Cold War doctrine from the 1950s, this recycled M.A.D. rhetoric has been growing since the 1990s with the Islamic world becoming like a replacement for Russia.

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