Thursday, March 22, 2007

Against the Grain podcast: Horizontalism - voices of popular power

Listen to the Against the Grain podcast, 20.3.07

Against the Grain interviews Martina Sitrin on social movements in Argentina: autonomy, mutual aid, self-organisation, and horizontalism. Marina travelled extensively throughout Argentina working with the autonomous popular movements and developing an oral history of the movements for a book entitled "Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina." She returns to Argentina periodically to continue this work.

Interactivist article - Horizontalidad in Argentina by Marina Sitrin
"Horizontalism" is one of the ways in which so many here describe part of what they are doing and how they are doing it. Horizontalism is not an ideology, however, it is a relationship -- a way of relating to one another in a directly democratic way while at the same time creating through the process of discovery. What has resulted is the creation of an amazing complex of movements, all linked,that range from hundreds of occupied and producing factories using forms of direct democracy and collective decision making, to dozens of neighborhood asambleas (assemblies), to dozens of piquetero groups, many of whom are organized into a network of the Movement of Unemployed Workers (MTD), and hundreds of autonomous neighborhood kitchens and centers of popular education."

A shorter bilingual introduction to the social movements that have sprung up in Argentina since the popular rebellion that began in December 2001. Sitrin provides a short introduction, then a series of oral testimonies from participants in those movements. A crucial gateway to certainly the most important uprising this century to date.
Horizontalidad en/in Argentina is published by AK Press

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