Saturday, March 17, 2007

Projectile, May 2007, in Newcastle

Projectile 2007 - the third annual festival of anarchist film and culture will take place 18 - 20th May, at the Star and Shadow cinema, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Now that the star and Shadow is up and running, Projectile 2007 will have the full cinema experience (with separate blacked out cinema + bar and meeting room).

On the film side, we are still tracking down a couple of rare gems. However we’ll definitely be showing:

This Revolution [The Black Bloc in action at the Republican Convention film]
Soma: an anarchist therapy
Sacco and Vanzetti
“i” [a film about Indymedia Argentina]
The Anarchists [Koreans Anarchists, in suits!]
Antonio Negri: a revolt that never ends
There is No Authority but Yourself [The Crass film]
Salt of the Earth [the struggle of Mexican-American miners]

Talks and Workshops include:

Ben Franks – workshop around his book Rebel Alliances
Anarcho-Feminism Workshop
Jamie Heckert – Why its So Hard to Love?
Ian Bone – book reading and talk
Penny Rimbaud – talk accompanying the Crass film
Mitzi Watz – anarchism and therapy
Dave Douglas – talk on the miners strike(s), accompanying the film ‘Where do I Stand?’
Indymedia workshop
Second Life – Streaming of the festival

and we’ll be running a Gig/Cabaret on the Saturday night with the
Sex Patels, the Bongaleros and plenty of others

If you have any suggestions or just want to get in touch with us, we are at:

(an updated programme will appear on the site very soon)

As usual, accommodation will be available for those travelling to Newcastle

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