Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Report from the March on Pentagon

On March 17, 2007, on the 4th anniversary of the start of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, tens of thousands of people from around the country descended on the Pentagon in a mass demonstration to demand: U.S. Out of Iraq Now! The march was synchronous with other demonstrations in more than two dozen cities across the United States and around the world, including Washington, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Minneapolis, Madrid and Paris.

October 21st 2007 will be the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 anti-war march to the Pentagon during the Vietnam War, and the infamous plan, announced by Abbie Hoffman (co-founder of the Yippies), to levitate the Pentagon 300 feet, using the psychic energy of thousands of protesters. The message of the 1967 march was "From Protest to Resistance," and sparked a turning point in the development of a countrywide mass movement, with ever-growing numbers of protests across America.

The counterdemonstrators were much more numerous than on previous marches (like by a factor of ten or more) [...] They ("Gathering of Eagles") had a huge soundstage with music and rightwing religious speakers. Somebody spent a lot of money to arrange all of this. Some people from my bus talked to some of the counterdemonstrators. They had been told that the antiwar protestors were planning to deface the Vietnam Veterans Memorial during the march. The DC police lent credibility to this rumor by, for the first time ever, setting up metal detectors and requiring all visitors to the monument to go through an airport-style security screen."
~ more photographs and comments from nyc.indymedia.org

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