Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Save the Square

Update from Save The Square@myspace blog

The Public Meeting 23rd March 2007
Last night at the public meeting with Bill Rammell, Councillors and Youth service Representatives, nearly all the issues were discussed. The outcome of this meeting was that the proposed changes will be reviewed by councillors, youth councillors and 5 members of save the square (yet to be decided).

Bill Rammell suggested a complete review, including the sale of alcohol. The head of the youth service Sue Thomas did not agree with this, and said that the sale of alcohol will still stop on April the 8th.

Therefore, we will be discussing these issues, and working to prevent the April the 8th date of prohibition at the square.

The youth Service do not understand how important the bar is at The Square is, it is what attracts older people, educates young people to drink and drink responsibly. Removing the bar will still drastically damage the square.

The youth service see the venue as a "youth centre" which should only cater to 13-19 year olds and not serve alcohol. The youth service claim that they do not want older people there as they don't cater for them, and that it makes the square less efficient at youth work, as there are not the maximum amount of young people there.

We don't see the venue as a "youth Centre" it IS an all ages community venue, and we will carry on fighting for our venue, not for a youth centre.

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