Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shutdown of Warfare Robotics Facility

Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) reported:
March 2nd saw a blockade of NREC's front gate involving a lockdown and a tripod; a blockade of NREC's back entrance on 43rd St. that resulted in 14 arrests; and a banner drop on the 40th street bridge. There was also a banner drop on CMU's campus the day before.

As of 4am, Saturday, March 3, all 14 arrestees have been arraigned and released. They are being charged with failure to disperse, obstructiong of a public highway, and possession of instruments of a crime with criminal intent. Those who live in Pittsburgh metro were released ROR; out-of-towners had to post $100 bail. The hearing will take place March 8th.
See media reports, including links to photo and video.

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