Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trident vote set for Wednesday 14th March

Trident vote set for Wednesday 14th March.

The government has announced that a House of Commons debate and vote on Trident replacement will happen on Wednesday 14th from 12-7pm, despite promises of prior consultation (see EDM 579).

CND is organising a rally in Parliament Square, London from 6-8pm.

CND suggests to contact your MP now if you can meet them during the debate.

There is also an Inter-faith vigil from 5-6pm Parliament Square on Trident and news of other initiatives around the UK.

News of a protest in Manchester from urban75:

12.30pm Piccadilly gardens for demo at government buildings in Piccadilly tower

1.00pm, opposite the BBC, Oxford Road

5.30 meet Piccadilly gardens

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