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Fight the Pipe!

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A short film about resistance to the pipeline, including footage from various protests and Brecon Tree Camp

Resistance is growing to the 200mile gas pipeline that National Grid is building through Wales. Construction sites have been occupied, roads blockaded and a tree camp established on the route of the pipeline. With eviction at the camp looking imminent, campaigners appeal for people to join them in the fight against the pipe.

Protesters are trying to prevent the destruction of beautiful ancient woodland to make way for the 120 mile gas pipeline that is running from Milford Haven in west Wales through Pembroke, Camarthen, the Swansea valleys, Brecon Beacons national park, Hay-on-Wye and Ross-on-Wye to Corse/Tirley near Gloucester.

Inspired by the initial squatting of the pipeline in November, camps sprung up at Milford Haven, Trebanos and Cilfrew, with locals and activists regularly disrupting work. January saw a number of actions, including at a new location at Alltwen, Pontardawe - where people chained themselves to machinery in order to stop the work carrying on the other side of the valley from the Trebanos camp. The area around Trebanos is prone to land-slip, and it is so unstable that villagers are not allowed to have mains gas supplied!

The newest camp is on the A40 appox 5 miles west of Brecon. Nearby the Brecon protest site there has been spottings of protected species, badgers, owls and bats. National Grid will recklessly destroy their homes, they have been informed and they seem to care very little about it.

Work in Brecon is to start April 2007, National Grid are contracted to delivered gas in October 2007, with dead lines this close work is likely to be rushed meaning short-cuts in safety and environmental issues will be taken, do you think they are a company to be trusted? Brecon Beacon National Park are against this development as the effects on the environment are going to be intense, even if National Grid take every care they can, the land cannot be restored to it’s original beauty.

There are several major safety concerns regarding this pipeline, National Grid have admitted having no experience of dealing with such a big pipeline. The pipeline measuring at 48inches wide and 120miles long will pump odourless gas through at 94bar. Gas pumped through at this speed is designed to travel in straight lines. This pipeline arches, curves and changes in height, therefore pressure points will be created, weakening the structure of the pipe.

National Grid is seeking to site a gas pressure reduction installation (PRI) on about 6 acres of land with 12 chimneys, each 8.5 metres high near Corse/Tirley as part of its overall plan to deliver gas from Milford Haven to Corse/Tirley. Initially 20% of the whole of the UK's gas supply would pass through the proposed PRI though this would inevitably rise towards 40% or more in the future. National Grid proposes delivering gas through a single 48" pipe at high pressure (94 BAR = approx 1,400 lbs per sq inch) which would have to be reduced to 75 BAR (= approx 1,100 lbs per sq inch) before joining the existing small installation near Corse/Tirley. The operating pressure (94 BAR) combined with the size of the pipes (48") is unprecedented in the UK, Europe or US near residential property. National Grid has no experience of working at this very high pressure near residential property.

The people at the Brecon camp desperately need more donations, they need: climbing rope, polyprop or spare rope, climbing equipment, cargo nets, building timber, beams, nails, tarpaulins, scrap metal, food, water carriers, tools, batteries AA and AAA, torches, candles, lighters, boots and warm clothing, air tight containers and bedding. They would also love for more people to come and join them and for people to pop in to offer moral support! It is easy to spot from the road as there are banners tied to trees for passing cars to see. There is a bus stop near by and places to park so there is no excuse not to go and offer support or take a donation!

What National Grid have to say
National Grid exposed!

and here's a map to the Brecon camp PROTEST CAMP HERE!

Please take a look at our websiteFIGHT THE PIPE
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What National Grid have to say
National Grid exposed!

and here's a map to the Brecon camp PROTEST CAMP HERE!

The people at Brecon Tree Camp are constantly in need of help in fighting this pipe, as the tree camp is in direct route of the pipeline, it is a good defence to stop the pipeline development. To do this those at the camp are looking for any donations, things that are most desperately needed at the moment are:

* Climbing Rope
* Polyprop or spare rope
* Climbing equipment
* Cargo nets
* Building timber
* Beams
* Nails
* Tarpaulin
* Scrap metal
* Food
* Water Carriers
* Tools
* Batteries AA and AAA
* Torches
* Candles
* Lighters
* Boots and warm clothing
* Air tight containers
* Bedding
* People
All donations will be used to improve the site and therefore will increase the likelihood of the National Park being saved from this destructive pipeline. Thank You :-)

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