Monday, April 23, 2007

MAYDAY 2007 - Suited and Booted

After a workshop held at Reclaim The Future, it was realised that there was a fair demand for a different type of mayday than an anarchist block on a march. The following is not an attempt to tread on toes, but there's always room for more on Mayday. So if you fancy something a bit more varied, come and play...

MAYDAY 2007 – Suited and Booted

We want to relaunch the Mayday protests with a new spirit and new tactics.

Why are we protesting on Mayday?
Because our current system is unsustainable and the chase for corporate profit is ruining our lives and our planet. The Haymarket Martyrs died in 1886 protesting for an eight hour day, a 9-5. When was the last time anyone worked one of those? Climate change is coming whether we like it or not, business is going to have to change and people are going to have to learn to share. We need to take back control of our lives and we are going to have to turn the social rules upside down.

The press, police and government have been able to scare off, contain and criminalise, us and our tactics with increasing efficiency, since Mayday was switched from a simple A-B workers march. This has caused the protests on Mayday to gradually dwindle in numbers and vibrancy over the last few years, culminating in a return to state authorised marching last year.

We have decided to see if we can inject a bit of life into this dwindling day of protest and celebration, we don’t want to march from A-B.

We have a plan, it’s as raucous as our Circle Line Parties, its as well dressed as our Midnight Cricket Matches and it’s as down right cheeky as our Guerilla Benching. We would like you to join us, and kick Mayday back into the calendar with a bright colourful bang!

We are going to be hosting a party right in the heart of the Corporate Financial Centres of London. To pull it off we will need secret agent cunning, disguise, inventiveness, stealth equipment and more.

We can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, however here are a few details. Firstly, in order to get past the police, you will need to get an outfit together, we are all going to be disguised as city workers. When we say disguised as city workers, we mean it. NOT DRESSED AS PROTESTORS WITH T-SHIRT, TRAINERS AND A SUIT, it’s time to pull your finger out and realise that your individuality isn’t challenged with a bit of dressing up.

Please see our guide for details.

There is going to be music, there is going to be singing and dancing. We need people to bring instruments, hidden in briefcases and suitcases, we need people to bring radios, we need people to bring drinks, cakes and smiles to share. We need people to bring what they hope to find.

We are planning all manner of cunning things, including a singalonga with Jarvis himself, because “Cunts are still running the world”. But we can’t plan everything, we are not your boss, and don’t want to be, so start planning your own actions and events, get your thinking caps on and lets relight the mayday torch.

More details are coming soon, but for now, spread the word, get excited and get an outfit sorted.

Space Hijackers … Over and Out.

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Anonymous said...

Quite honestly I find some forms of anarchism intellectually interesting, and it is certainly better to be interesting than dull, but I am surprised by your continual flirtations with anti-Zionism somewhat surprising.

On the one hand your blog proudly displays a quote by Martin Buber who is someone I have much admiration for, but this does not tally with your flirtations with the rabid anti-Zionist Mark Elf on his blog.

It is one thing to belive that there should be no national boundaries and all governments should be done away with - it is not something I agree with but I position I understand and is not something that really should offend anyone as a theoretical political position. You may be attacked for your views as unrealistic but anarchism has a long and proud tradition - and as I said I find it interesting even if I do not agree with it.

On the otherhand, there are people like Mark Elf who take the view that every country in the world has the right to exist bar one - the State of Israel. It is this belief that I find abhorent - and quite frankly offensive.

Like other countries, there are many things that the State of Israel can be criticised for and I have no problems with people criticising the State for those things, but if someone is going to say that the State itself should not exist then I only accpt it if they say that all states should not exist.

When you consider your own political views, try and realise why Mark Elf and his band of anti-Zionists are offensive and if you have any integrity as an anarchist or even as someone in favour of better rights for Palestinians including that of Statehood then you would be better off staying away from them. You may wish to re-read all that Martin Buber had to say at various stages of his life on Zionism and the existence of the State.