Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vigil tonight for Anarchist slain by Russian Neo-Nazis

Thursday, at 7PM in London UK, outside the Russian Embassy, 13 Kensington Palace Gardens (nearest tube Notting Hill Gate: walk along Notting Hill Gate and it is the second road on your right). (Map)

Statement from Siberian IndyMedia
On 21st of July dawn at 5 am our sleeping camp was brutally attacked. Some scumbags suddenly tumbled down our tents, burned down and stole our things, beat us sleeping in our tents with bats, hammers, cudgels, legs. The same time they were spitefully swearing at Antifa. The terrible and considered cruelty of their attack makes not doubt that it was not a work of some ordinary hooligans, but a thought over action of nazis. It is necessary to note a long (more than half an hour) absence of the police at a place of the crime, and the subsequent attempts of the police to deny an existence of nazi groupings in Angarsk, and pressing requests of the representatives of the police and the Office of Public Prosecutor to participants of the camp not to make a scandal and to avoid any communication with journalists. But we can not be silent because an indignation and a desire of a retribution overflows us. Last night we have lost our comrade: Ilya Borodaenko, an anarchist, a member of the Autonomous Action from Nakhodka has died because of a craniocerebral trauma (incompatible with life) and violent beating. That night he and 2 other participants of the camp were on duty and Ilya was the first who faced nazi scum. Some our comrades were sent to the hospital in grave condition (with concussions of the brain and fractures of arms and legs). Our tents are cut and fired, flags are stolen.

However we will forget nothing and we won't forgive Ilya Borodaenko's death to his murderers (irrespective of successes or failures of the official repressive system investigating the crime). We won't stop activity of our environmental protest camp, we won't stop our struggle against fascist plague and nuclear mafia, against authoritative ideas and racist dregs, against all that destroys both the nature and human life and dignity. Today we grieve. Tomorrow we will continue our struggle.

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