Monday, August 13, 2007

Heathrow Climate Camp

BBC - Heathrow protestors set up camp

A "mass direct action" is scheduled for next Sunday and a website supporting the camp has promised acts of "civil disobedience". Organisers say that a "temporary eco-village" has been set up near the villages of Sipson and Harlington - between the M4 motorway and the airport's northern perimeter. Protesters claim that the growth in air travel is a major factor in greenhouse gas emissions. "Holding the camp at Heathrow aims to highlight the lunacy of the government's airport expansion plans," says a statement from campaigners. Gemma Davis, a spokeswoman for the Camp for Climate Change, told the BBC that the intention was not to delay holidaymakers. "We're not here to try to disrupt passengers, we're here to try to disrupt BAA," she said. There are reports that the site, only 800 metres from BAA's Heathrow headquarters, was occupied by a group of protesters overnight. A police spokesman said that about 150 people have set up camp at a sports ground belonging to Imperial College London - and that the protest was peaceful. Last week, BAA won a High Court ruling banning certain protesters from Heathrow - but the injunction does not prevent the setting up of the camp.

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