Friday, December 11, 2009

Revealed: English Defence League Really ARE Scottish!

We owe the English Scottish Defence League an apology. We thought that they were just a bunch of racist football hooligans who wanted to see some rain and hills, so transplanted their wannabe-race war to Glasgow last month.

We thought the fact that their SDL hoodies have the English St Georges Cross on them was proof that they had no links here.

However. The photo here proves us wrong. It shows “English” patriots pissing against the historic and very English Nottingham Castle.

Clearly there’s only one explanation. The English Defence League are all secretly Scottish. Having got a taste for bamming up English cops in Manchester last year, a paramilitary branch of the Tartan Army set up the EDL using “dirty war” tactics learned in Northern Ireland.

Now their secret is out, claims that the Scottish Defence League are an attempt to franchise dumbfuck English Nationalism can be shown up for what they are.

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