Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whitechapel Anarchist Group on the English Defence League (EDL), the UAF and Islamist bigots

The UNITED AGAINST FASCISM (UAF) political machinery will storm ahead this Sunday 20th June marching against… erm… well no one…

From the outset the UAF stitched up the Tower Hamlets mobilisation, a great write up from the AWL gives you a taster of exactly how, and they themselves can be accused of stirring up fear and hysteria within the local community. The morally bankrupt Left would sooner jump into bed with dodgy elements like the IFE (Islamic Forum of Europe) denying that the speakers at the Troxy were in anyway divisive, and in fact shouting down anyone who raised this issue as islamaphobic, thus stifling progressive elements within the Muslim communities of east London.

Local pressure to get the conference cancelled and highlighting Council corruption forced Tower Hamlets to pull the plug on the event, while the English Defence League (EDL) claimed this as a victory and pulled out of their demonstration, the true victory comes down to all those concerned locals and activists who got the conference cancelled keeping away both the unwelcomed speakers and the EDL. Yet the UAF are still advertising the fact that blood drinking, baby eating fascists are coming and will be stopped with a “peaceful” march under the rhetoric of “The Battle Of Cable Street”. One big pose basically!

And after the 20th this will continue into Wembley on the 26th June with the UAF mobilising – or should that be parachuting students – against the EDL who themselves are protesting against a “Peace” Conference which includes such delightful speakers as Zakir Naik – a deeply reactionary preacher who has fatwa’s placed against him by other Muslims!

Once again the UAF will remain silent about the conference speakers, taking no position at all, and more concerned with their national organisation and recruiting for the Party (SWP) with the EDL as a figure of opposition.

All of these three groups – Bigoted Islamist Speakers, Flag Waving EDL, Double thinkers of the UAF – are all as divisive as each other!

And [they] will no doubt continue chasing each other around the country with no concern for the communities they whip up a frenzy amongst. For us as a group – made up predominantly of working class East End locals – we will continue with the “dog shit politics” of working within and organising amongst our own communities as the onslaught of the Con-Dem government cuts looms over our heads.

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