Saturday, July 03, 2010

EDL member complains that mosques are out of keeping with local architecture.

EDL's 'Max' complained:
12.12.2009 00:57

speaking on the switzerland mosques.....

theire architecture isn't really inkeeping with the surrounding area. I doubt they would have got planning permission anyway (and they shouldn't of - why should a mosque be allowed to be built, yet other buildings can't?)"

Local Mosque

"How exactly is this mosque not in keeping with the local architecture?

Unless you mean the bricked up window due to violent racist attacks. But thats because of racist thugs - who do not fit in with the character of the community - being allowed into the area by liberals

Luther Blisset"


Kevin Deegan (PROUD NORSCARF member said...

Well said luther

Marie Marshall said...

I can remember when they built the Hyde Park Mosque. That wasn't "in keeping" with the local architecture - it was actually a damn site BETTER than most of the crap that was going up at the time.

roddy said...

I live in Exeter, we have a huge building in the middle of the city that doees not fit in with the local architecture. They call it the cathedral.

Should I start petition to have it pulled down perhaps.